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In life there are many occasions that call for that special item of jewellery and in our experience, rings make the ideal token with which to celebrate these occasions.


We are specialists in antique jewellery and we can show you antique jewellery with both modern and old brilliant designs. Our collection is very rare and yet huge. Equally unusual are our other gemset rings, which may well feature your birthstone. We have a large selection of different antique jewellery, many of which are handmade and for wedding bands.


When you look through our collection you will fell that this is the best collection of antique Indian jewellery that you may have come across. We believe that a fine piece of jewellery does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. There are exceptional pieces which can be found at every level. Also note that we are always keen to buy beautiful antique jewellery. We can also create jewellery as per your choice and design, it is also possible to cusotmise jewellery that it suits you. We are specialist in antique Jewellery and are proud to offer for sale a fabulous selection of fine antique Jewellery. We stock a range of Antique Diamond Rings, Antique Earrings, Antique Lockets, Antique Bracelets and Gem-set Jewellery.


Our showroom is updated regularly with beautiful Antique Jewellery so you can appreciate the changing designs of Jewellery through the ages and can always visit us to see designs that can mesmerize you.


Gold & Silver Antique Jewellery not only appeals to the collector but also makes a special individual gift for a loved one, so what are you waiting for just visit us and see what we can do to impress your loved ones.

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