Jewellery Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesaler India
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We all are aware that the Indian subcontinent has the largest continuous legacy of jewellery making anywhere since Ramayana and Mahabharata times. India has always enjoyed a continuous development of art forms for some 5000 years. One of the first to start jewellery making were the peoples of the Indus Valley Civilization. Today, many of the jewellery designs and traditions are still used and jewellery is commonplace in Indian ceremonies and weddings.


Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri is constantly engaged in creating master pieces in jewellery to leave you impressed all the time. The name Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri invokes a sheer sense of trust and assurance of finest quality.


With the help of our committed staff and team of dedicated professionals, we at Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri have undoing designs and undaunted commitment towards purity and consistency. Above all we have the thrust to constantly create designs which would be exceptionally pleasant and we also have services that have earned the company an aura of its own when it comes to exquisite gold and diamond jewellery.


Our vision is to make modern and unique jewellery affordable to all and we at Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri are constantly making efforts to impress our clients with the best of the designs. It’s the tradition at Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri to constantly develop modern as well as ethnic designs that people simply adore. Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri is final word in gold, antique and jadtar jewellery designs.


When you walk into any of our stores, you will not only receive the friendly customer service that our staff are renowned for, you will also take comfort in the fact that you can choose from one of  the largest selection of quality jewellery. We deliver a guarantee to our customer that cannot be matched by other jewellers. With over 110 years of experience, you can count on our buying power and that we can provide our customers the very best value and quality of jewellery. Bhagwati Jewellers has been part of India’s history for over 110 years and we will continue to be part of your history for many years to come.


We at Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri have been serving the jewellery wholesale industry since the last 30 years. We have an experience in manufacturing jewellery of more than 113 years and that is what keeps us ahead and better than the rest. We are regarded as the backbone of the fine jewellery supply line. Our designs have captured attention of many people and we have a lot of our customers who are into jewellery retail. Our stunning and envious collection of jewellery ensures that we have a lot of demand for jewellery pepping up from everywhere. We are specialized in selling traditional Indian jewellery at very competitive whole sale rates.

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Finding that perfect piece of jewellery for your loved ones has never been easy. You always have to make pain staking efforts to find that perfect one for your loved one.


We at Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri have understood concerns of people for over the years. Hence we are such a platform who acts as a single platform where quality jewellery is supplied. Jewellery is all about quality we agree but it is also the grace and the delicacy that makes jewellery what it is today. We specialize in manufacturing traditional Indian jewellery with designs which can easily sweep off anybody from their feet. Jewellery is all about the person who wears it. It is easy to design jewellery which is different and reative but what is the value of a jewellery if it fails to impress? Before designing a jewelery we make sure that our clients will like the design and also the effort into it. A jewellery is not beautiful when it is made but its beauty is seen when it is seen and appreciated by the one who wears it. The main aim of designing jewellery is that it enhances the beauty of the person who wears it. But it is very important to understand that the person who has liked a jewellery is more likely to be happy and this in turn makes that jewellery look more beautiful on the wearer.

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Today the name Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri, is considered as the best when we talk about jewellery manufacturers in India. We at, Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri have over the years taken immense pain and efforts to reach a stage where we are today. Our large client base has ensured that we are always on top of the chart of quality jewellery manufacturers. Our clients know our capabilities and hence they always expect from us custom made designs which are not seen and wore by anyone. We have stood by the test of time and our designers have created designs that are exclusively custom made and reflect the ideas of the customer. We are also capable of working on a certain given ideas with inputs from our design team to make sure that when you wear that piece of jewellery, you are appreciated by one and all.

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We Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri are inthis field since the last 113 years. We are an extremely strong and professionally managed company. We have our staff which is very experienced and creative; we are constantly making efforts to design exquisite fashion jewellery. Our work is very creative and original only done to keep in mind that it should bring a touch of ethnicity and glamour to the wearer. When we make a design we keep in mind our customer and traditional Indian values and this is what helps us stand apart from the rest. Our specialization lies in manufacturing traditional Indian Jewellery but we also specialize in traditional and antique jewellery which is a fusion of traditional designs and modern look. We design jewellery which is very much Indian but our range of jewellery is very much done while keeping in mind the current trends and hence our designs are in tune with the international trends. Our focus while designing jewellery is always on each detail, and designs to the minutest levels making sure that that masterpiece is created. Special focus and attention on timely delivery has helped us gain a rigid advantage over the competition.

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