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We at Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri have been serving the jewellery wholesale industry since the last 30 years. We have an experience in manufacturing jewellery of more than 113 years and that is what keeps us ahead and better than the rest. We are regarded as the backbone of the fine jewellery supply line. Our designs have captured attention of many people and we have a lot of our customers who are into jewellery retail. Our stunning and envious collection of jewellery ensures that we have a lot of demand for jewellery pepping up from everywhere. We are specialized in selling traditional Indian jewellery at very competitive whole sale rates.


We are very strict with our manufacturing process and also quality control measures and this is one of the reasons why we are preferred as the wholesaler for jewellery. We always have new stock in our store and customers have the option of selecting what suits them.  Stringent quality norms and strict design practices have helped us being the best jewellery wholesaler. Our main focus in terms of jewelley wholesale is Indian traders who buy jewellery from us for their stores. We also have capabilities to make a design based on specific customer requirements and our custom designs are also covered under our stringent quality norms.


We have an array of products that are bound to capture your imagination. We have the ability to supply wholesale antique jewellery, diamond jewellery, jadtar jewellery and gold jewellery. As a jewellery wholesaler, we have grown in a very fast manner thanks to our creative designs and stringent quality norms which are the core of our jewellery wholesale business. Our customers have a option of making wide choices as far as jewellery is concerned. Constant new designs from our creative jewellery designers are bound to confuse you. We have a huge stock of jewellery so that the orders ae met up easily. Our manufacturing capacity is a matter of pride for us as we can execute wholesale jewellery orders with ease.


A lot of jewellery traders have make a benefit by capitalizing on our jewellery and hence we have earned a considerable name and fame in this industry. Our wholesale jewelley is with a mix of both traditional and modern jewellery and a solution which is affordable to all. Our products are designed to capture the imagination of the one who wears it. We also have export capabilities in terms of exporting wholesale jewellery. If you are looking for a reliable partner who can assist you in buying wholesale jewellery, we are the right people you can trust. You can give your customers 100% guarantee for the materials and quality of the product that you buy from us.


Over the years we have made efforts and put together a collection of whole jewellery that offers something very special for everyone. Our creative team has put in a lot of hard work and efforts in making the name of Bhagwati Jewellers – Dilip Zaveri famous as a reputed supplier of wholesale jewellery and true to our name since years we have always lived up to the reputation of making and supplying the best our jewellery to our clients across the whole world. With us you can expect more choices in the form of exquisite Indian jewellery. As a part of our business policy, we believe in giving more choices to our clients.


Over the years our USP has been our enviable collection of stunning wholesale fashion jewellery and timely delivery with a strict control on quality factor.

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